Operations Management System Enterprise Asset Management and so much more.

Every department. Every network. One incredibly efficient system. Cartegraph is the only OMS designed specially for local government. With its emphasis on efficiency and usability, Cartegraph enables you to manage enterprise assets in direct tandem with the work, resources, and requests at the center of your municipal operations.

For every enterprise asset.OMS includes specialized solutions for managing the enterprise assets that comprise your facilities, public spaces, and infrastructure.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.OMS is a powerful, uncomplicated system that helps its users work more accurately and efficiently.

A direct link between OMS and ArcGIS.Integrate with Esri and use location to make work, asset, request, and resource data even more useful and accurate.

Notifications you need.Stay connected to anything that’s happening in the system. Receive notifications when you’re assigned a task, when a new request comes in, when a material needs to be reordered, and much more.

Accuracy and efficiency in the field. Use Cartegraph for iPad to respond to requests, complete tasks, and conduct inspections
from anywhere.

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Pavement Areas

For your polygon pavement features.

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Traffic Detector

Keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Traffic Camera

Keep public safety in focus.

Signalized Intersection

A smarter way to manage signalized intersections.

Signal Monitor

Essential for maintaining intersection control.

Scenario Builder

Signal Head

Manage all your signal heads within a single solution.

Signal Controller

Safety and control for signalized intersections.

Signal Cabinet

Every cabinet. One tailored solution.


Help first responders get where they need to go.

Pump Station

Essential details for ensuring community safety.

Flood Protection Generator

Power for protection.


Flood Protection Gate

A smart way to keep flood gates safe and functional.

Levee Embankment

Essential flood protection technology.

Flood Protection Pump

Accurate pump inventory.


Essential details for ensuring community safety.

Flood Protection


A smart, simple solution for managing trees.


A multi-tool for pavement marking management.

Water Facility

A single solution for your entire facility.

Sewer Facility

A single solution designed for managing you entire facility.

Upcoming Events

Storm Facility

Your entire facility. A single solution.


Every light and sign support. Every detail.

Water Backflow

Essential for ensuring water quality and safety.

Water Pump

Get clear sight on every pump in your inventory.

Water Valve

A simple way to keep your valves tuned and flowing.

Water Hydrant

A smart, guided approach to managing hydrants.

Water Lateral

A detailed view of every lateral in your network.

Water Main

A dedicated solution for managing water mains.

Water Meter

A dedicated water meter management solution.

Water Storage Tank

A smart way to keep tanks clean and functioning.

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Storm Pump

Manage your pumps in an incredibly detailed way.

Storm Pipe

A central solution for maintenance, inspections, and inventory.

Storm Manhole

For detailed management, inside and out.

Storm Outlet

Get an incredibly detailed view of every storm outlet.

Storm Inlet

Every inlet. Every detail. One solution.

Storm Culvert

Manage smarter. Respond better. Recover faster.

Storm Channel

Accurately manage every channel in your network.

Storm Basin

See your catch basins in an incredibly detailed way.

Sewer Manhole

For detailed management — inside and out.

Sewer Main

A central solution for managing sewer mains.

Sewer Pump

Manage your pumps in an incredibly detailed way.

Sewer Force Main

Simplify inventory, maintenance, and inspections.

Sewer Lateral

Get an incredibly detailed view of every lateral.

Sewer Cleanout

Every cleanout. Every detail. One solution.


Simple, powerful pavement management.

Light Fixture

Accurately manage your fixtures — inside and out.

Tree Appraisal Webinar


A proactive approach to bridge management.


Every sign. Every detail. One solution.