In 1994 we set out to automate public works. In the process, we forever changed the business of government. Today, everyone at Cartegraph is united by a single purpose: to understand and simplify how every city runs. Using art and science, we’re building technology that’s changing the business of government — again. Here’s to 20 years of Cartegraph, and all the people, partners, and organizations that have made us the technology for local government.
Jake Schneider | President, CEO

Local Government TechnologyOperations

Work More Efficiently

Facility Maintenance Management

Facility Lighting Fire Protection HVAC Equipment Plumbing Fixture Roofing System Electrical Generator
Everything under one roof.

Local Government TechnologyCommunity Development
& Regulation

Permits. License. Code.

Local Government TechnologyFleet Management

A Smarter Fleet

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Estimating Life Expectancies of Transportation Assets

Find out what Cartegraph and the Transportation Research Board's methodology for managing transportation assets and infrastructure have in common.

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

An Introduction for Local Governments

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A little #TBT holiday cheer for your Thursday! Even Santa uses @Cartegraph.

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Do you know about Enterprise Asset Management for Local Government? Download our new white paper for all the details.

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Check out our latest blog to find out why you should care about about big data and municipal OMS! #tbt #big data

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Check out our new OMS Help Videos - just search Create and Edit a Format File, Run an Export, or Run an Import.